that tomato!

I did it, I did it! Well, sort of. I tried to say the least.

See, I love Sally Mann and everything about her. She started out by taking pictures of her kids. Now, she wasn’t the typical mom that went into town to get her Sunday stroll with the kids. Nope. The Mann family is the complete opposite. They spent their time outside and talked until the sun had set. Now, if you think that Sally just sat down and enjoyed every minute, you’re wrong. She saw a moment and she captured it. It was completely perfect, as if the moment was going to last forever and time had froze.

Although, I must admit and so will many reporters, Sally Mann had not so welcoming fans when it came to her kids being nude in photos. Oh no, many called Sally’s images, “child pornography” and even accused her of selling her children’s photo’s in the nude as exploitation of parental roles. But, that’s not how Mann saw any of it. The series is called, “Immediate Family.” Mann, saw this project as something very natural that was through a mother’s eyes. The art work presents innocence and sweetness in the most simple, yet beautiful photographs.

When I first saw, “The Perfect Tomato” I fell completely in love with Sally Mann’s work. She broke the rules of photography and she did it as if there were no such thing as rules! How did she break rules? She didn’t do one minor thing: dodge and burn. The image itself is completely stunning but when I attempted to recreate that, it was trial and error for hours.


Not So Perfect Tomato

There’s so much about this photo that I am still going to fix but for some reason, I love just the way it looks because it reminds me of Sally but also has a hint of me in it. Yes, of course I will fix it but for now, I thank Sally Mann for challenging me to become a better photographer in and outside the darkroom.