Jen Davis’ Self.

The essay “Self-Portraits,” by Hannah Frieser, that was dedicated to Jen Davis’ social changing photographs and how they challenged the viewer to look deeper into the photograph–the memorable source of sophistication.

Some of the photographs she took were a reflection of how she grew to understand the struggle of how her emotional and physical, impacted her weight. “One of the most iconic images of her early work is…Pressure Point.” Davis’ photo’s are not documentary images that were photographed at the actual time a situation formally occurred but showcased a potential of relativism. The images did happen but, each photograph borrows heavily from real moments and showcases with very real feelings.

This essay is beyond the essentialism of viewing a women’s body as if society were allowed to do such bullying.

Davis on her earlier images: “They show situations that especially women can easily relate to as universal struggles with body image. Her identity struggles are not so different from many young women who find themselves judged by a male gaze as their bodies blossom into maturity. Yet rather than push back against this gaze, Davis turns to quiet self-examination.”

Jen has the capability to raise and uplift Trans Women of Color through her images be there for support all the way and because she wants to be able to shape each scenario, whether realistic or a daydream, into something that is, “frank and self-inquisitive.” She creates them because is it her way of revealing what society is afraid of talking about?


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