the Pinhole!

The pinhole camera! One of the most fascinating contributions to the world of photography. It was founded by mathematician, scientist, and inventor, Ibn al-Haytham. He was abled to build pinhole cameras way before the modern development of photography. He was an absolute genius because he basically figured out why the sun does what it does and calculate the Earth’s atmosphere way before spaceflight.

Above is my own pinhole camera. In the top left corner, you can see how I figured out to create a shutter that stays put with a bent piece of tape. It was very difficult to figure out what kind of shutter I wanted because the box that I chose wasn’t big or small but narrow and skinny. So, I wanted a small shutter and at first I thought of just tape or cardboard but, since this camera was very different I wanted something small but convenient. I look around my surroundings and spot, wire, tape, and black thick matte board. I had to apply a lot of tape to hold down the wire and after I completely taped the wire down, I pulled about 3 inches of tape and folded 2 1/2 inches of it to hold on to the shutter itself to allow me to expose without difficulty. The inside of the camera has a shelf made out of cardboard for paper or film.

I still have to decorate my camera and have a finished print but I will update when that is done.

Materials needed:

  1. Box that is completely dark in the inside
  2. Tape (Electrical tape is preferred)
  3. Black matte board
  4. Scissors
  5. Copper sheet metal
  6. 7 inches of wire



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