preferred lighting.

Hey, light it up through this tutorial!

It talks about how the different types of keys define the overall tone of the final portrait. There’s three different kind of keys: low, middle, and high. To identify the key of a portrait you can determine the average tone for the scene.

Each key has it’s way of functioning: low key is created by using a dark background and dark clothing and props-it has more dark elements than bright ones. The shoot may be shot with a higher ratio as contrast is acceptable due to the drama of a lower tone.

Middle key is the set tone that is in the middle of high and low. The way you can set this tone is by using skin tone and clothing may be used to accent the tone of the skin with contrast rather than allowing all elements to blend together.

High key is setup completely differently. It requires more lighting, power and equipment! Aside that, it also requires a great deal of light control and has the most risk of overexposure and could possibly lose details around the portrait, which is something we don’t want! So, the background of this portrait is paper because it is slightly overexposed which results in a pure white seamless background. Also, if a model is involved, it is best for them to wear bright clothing.


digital nature.

Today, I am standing on grass. Today, I am breathing non-toxic air. Today, I realized I have lived two decades and four months. I have lived.

I was sitting in class and we were watching a short PBS documentary, “Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground” and I am so thankful to be alive and to have experienced as much as have because this documentary opened my eyes to what I always tend to forget: I am privileged even during current events.

Unlike Ghana, I’m not walking on dismantled metal from used technology and I’m not mixing a large barrel of toxic chemicals to melt the metal and I’m not devaluating my experiences but instead uplifting the fact that I have a small opportunity to help what is happening around the world. As a millennial, I am what the market is looking at. My demographic is very important right now because, CAPITALISM!

The economy works for me and if I make a small shift and encourage others to do the same, everything will shift. Of course, this has to be a large number of people but if I start somewhere that means so much more than just sitting here on this green grass, typing on my computer that will be disposed somewhere in another country that has metal dumping grounds and kill several people.

Do things for impact not intent. This moment will become a movement.

blind transit.

On July of 2016, I decided to take a very spontaneous trip to my childhood home, Panorama City, California. When I arrived at LAX, I was greeted by my oldest Uncle, Celestino. Let me tell you, I left California at the age of 4 years old so, little did he know he was going to see me eleven years later. At first he didn’t recognize me but, my mother’s side has a very distinguishable nose so, it wasn’t hard to figure out who was my uncle. Short ole’ man that was full of joy when he saw me. I will never forget a warm moment of that reunion.

This trip was full of getting out of my comfort zone. I’m an introverted-extrovert. I love silence and the feeling of being comfortable in skin at all times and none of this happened for two weeks. My Uncle took me to meet family members that also haven’t seen me in years; there were godmothers that didn’t want to meet me, there were aunts who wanted to know what my parents looked like now because they also haven’t seen them in years, and cousins who wanted nothing to do with me. But, aside from the negative and some positive.

My Uncle introduced me to a young fourteen-year-old, she truly made my travels unforgettable. We walked everywhere: to El Pollo Loco, where you can find real rotisserie chicken at a fast food restaurant, El Gallo Giro, where I ate the greatest huarache that my stomach ever experienced, and then to truly experience social anxiety in another state I decided to learn how to use public transit!

And to be honest, the anxiety wasn’t even that bad! I took a risk and it helped me grow. This trip was worth every single dark moment because there was so much light to cover every bit of it.