if you have simplicity

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Godthul by Peter Eastway 2015

I couldn’t find “Through A Lens, Darkly: Black Photographers and The Emergence of a People” so, instead I decided to watch Tales by Light episode five: panorama. It was the most aesthetically pleasing documentary about what it takes to photograph in wild life and what it means to the the photographer. Peter Eastway’s journey throughout this film was him shadowing, Frank Hurley’s journey through Antartica heading to South Georgia.

Before I move on, I want to say that the camera is not the one taking the picture (hypothetically speaking), the photographer is. Personally, Eastway definitely portrayed this character throughout and it was so beautiful to see watch it happen. When he said that, “photography is about composition and communicating,” it definitely emphasized the point of photography being more than just an aesthetic, it’s about lines, light and I agree one hundred percent with him, composition.

I truly enjoyed this episode of the show and the thing that I enjoyed the most is that Peter was so passionate about his work that when the sun hit his face, it illuminated every bit of him. “Photographers have a contract with society, when people see photographs many of them have an expectation that it is real. If you’re a documentary photographer you need to respect that” (Eastway) but for him it’s different because he wasn’t’ photographing for moments, he was photographing to capture the true essence of life that he was surrounded by: wild animals that weren’t afraid to get near you. Every picture he took was all about simplicity, if you have that in your images, then composition and light are easy to come by.